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 Moving to a new place can be a little daunting. Buying a home from an owner doesn't have to add to that worry.  When you are given the right answers to the most frequently asked questions, it can relieve your concerns!


  Will Buying From a Homeowner       Really Save Me Money?

  Who Will Handle All Of The   Document Requirements?

  Can I Bring My  Own Realtor?

ABSOLUTELY! If you feel more comfortable with your own agent, we welcome them! We will  pay a 2% buyer's agent fee or  we are happy to work with you directly to save all parties money!
  You bet!  Both parties can save thousands in closing costs,​ ​​​ IF both parties use professionals to be sure they are protected before, during, and after the sale. Due diligence is required, but it can be a win-win situation for both buyer and seller!
We have lined up a local mortgage company, a list of local attorneys, and a local 
closing company who closes most of the homes in Kings Fork Farms. They are all professionals and dedicated to serving both buyers and sellers.

  As a Buyer, What Should I Prepare for?

  Buying From An Owner Seems Risky. How Can I Be Sure I Won't Be Taken Advantage Of?

  Will The Owner Do The Showing?

We would like the buyer to arrive with pre-qualification documents, which can be obtained from your bank or mortgage person or get pre-qualified with the mortgage broker we used when we purchased the home new. We work from home and are readily available for short notice showings, but we don't want anyone disappointed should the buyer find they are not qualified for the asking price.
A realtor is an expert in the listing, showing, & marketing of your home. They are wonderful negotiators & communicators, as well. But the nitty-gritty of the transfer of a home is done by the mortgage company and the closing Attorney/Title company. We have those in place for your convienience and cost savings, but feel free to bring your agent! ​ We will pay a contracted 2% fee!
Not necessarily! After a showing is set up, we can discuss who YOU would like to show the home and how you would like the showing set up. You can have your agent t show the home, we can show it, or we have an independent third party that will show it . It is all up to YOU! No pressure!

MORE Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Be Sure That Your House Has NO Issues I'll Have to Correct?

   ​What About Termites?


Will the owner accept an offer contingent upon our house selling?

  This house is just 3-years-old. We are retired and purchased the lowest maintainance home we could find. We painted the trim in 2016 with the highest quality 15 year paint  Sherman Williams has to ensure there will be no moisture or mold issues common to Virginia. The siding is a 30 year HardyBoard. Since living here, we have had no issues, nor do we expect any for many, many years to come. A home inspection is often required by a mortgage company and we have no issue with one being performed to ease your mind. This is a great and solid house with lots of upgrades, but an inspection is good due diligence!
  Termites are common in Virginia. The house was certified termite free as a new build when we purchased it on Dec 21, 2013 and has been yearly inspected by National Exterminating at 757-599-3621. We also have the house inspected regularly by Priority Pests at 757-488-8351. The most recent inside and outside inspection was done on March 30, 2017. The last termite inspection, inside and out, was April 10, 2017 and will be verifed.
  As in any real estate deal, the deposit or "good faith offer" is dependent upon both parties agreeing to a contingency. With an acceptable offer, we have no issue with a contingency, so long as an appropriate "drop dead date is agreed upon." The buyer must understand that if another buyer comes along, the first buyer will have 24 hours to set a closing date OR release the house and allow the new buyer to purchase. The deposit would then be returned to the first buyer less any agreed upon "hold this house fee," should there be one. Everything will be spelled out in a professional contract.



  Both my husband and I are pretty easy going people. We are happy with our home and our neighborhood. I have been on the Association's Board of Director's and know the community inside and out. We are always happy to share our knowledge and answer any questions you might have concerning our home and our wonderful neighborhood!
  We would like to say, "because it is the best house ever!!" That is true, but more than that, it is the fact that you will be purchasing and moving into a home that has been well cared for by a "more mature" couple who thought they were spending the rest of their lives in this home. We planted perennials. We put up an expensive fence. We spent the money to have the house professionally painted and we had planned to do even more as time allowed. Our five-year-old grandson recognizes only  THIS home as "Slick & Tootsie's" house, his pet name for us. We have watched him grow here, as he spends a night or two with us every week in "his" room. I have written and had published numerous short stories and two full-length novels from the office in this house. My husband has built many items for our son in this garage. We have shared so much joy, (and several good glasses of wine,) on the screened-in porch. We have danced in our living room in the dead of night still able, after 45 years, to cling to the beautiful relationship that has tested time. We have entertained friends and neighbors here, as we shared all of our fears and dreams. In other words, we have planted the seeds of love here. Now we are searching for someone who will continue to value this home and add to it their own stories of hope and love. THAT is why you should buy THIS house!
Your New Home Awaits!
  1. A warm and welcome ranch-style home!
  2. Step up to the front porch!
  3. Add your plants to the flower bed!
Agent: Miguel Nieves 757-672-6300

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